colorado custom welding top ten backyard remodels

In the hopes that spring will soon be here for Colorado (I know some of you other states have already begun to enjoy the warm weather, but here in Colorado we still have snow!) Colorado custom welding has come up with the top ten backyard remodels to get your yard ready for summer!

Top 10 backyard remodels

1. Adding a metal railing to your deck or yard adds a touch of upscale elegance and lasts longer than traditional wooden deck rails like this one from Colorado custom welding.railings_13

2. Create a custom fire pit with a design that fits your backyard style


3. Make sure your backyard is safe for pets and kids by ordering custom window well covers from Colorado custom welding available in hundreds of colors to match the exterior of your house

2012-11-06 16.37.03

4. if you want to be able to entertain your guests without missing a moment an outdoor kitchen area is a great addition to your backyard.


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